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About Us

In many areas of life it’s all about communication, and that is our passion. Individuals and our economy thrive on relationships and places where people gather. Our passion is helping those businesses create environments with impressive displays and compelling messaging in a simple, streamlined architecture. Communicating the right message, the right way at the right time, to the right people. Delivering highly effective content enhances the overall experience for patrons, employees and leadership.


This passion and our ability to take communication to the next level, serves entertainment and service industries alike; whether its menu boards, specials, events, safety messages, live TV, announcements, emergency guidance, staff scheduling, HR information, and many other types of content used by venues, restaurants, schools, hospitals, service firms, retail outlets, government entities and many more. We partner with leading manufacturers and content providers to build custom solutions around your project needs and goals, easily managed and centralized to deliver maximum ROI so you can be a Rockstar.


Patrons visit establishments and are often challenged to find the right information. This can lead to a poor customer experience, less engagement, increased frustration and ultimately less spend.


Dynamic and relevant content feeds their emotional pallet creating a better connection so they’re aware of available services and are more likely to engage, come back and refer others.



Employees are consistently trying to inform patrons of the process, specials, events etc and this can be challenging while managing the rest of the experience and executing effectively.


Custom visual displays provide a teammate to communicate, upsell, provide specials and inform on events in addition to other value adds. This provides an improved working environment, better service and efficient performance allowing employees to have better engagements.

IT Leaders

Owners often battle the best delivery methods to get patrons informed on services. This can lead to stressful decisions, unnecessary spends, extra trainings and ultimately a challenging environment for customers and employees that negatively affect the bottom line.


Our solutions provide a next level atmosphere allowing associated parties to focus on what’s most important in a dynamic manner that is easily managed from a centralized source with insightful metrics. Enhanced content delivery and additional branding further instills value to patrons enhanced results and ROI.